Veteran Memorial

On Saturday, Veterans of the 321st Transportation Company of the Vietnam War met for their annual reunion. Their reunions take place across the country, but was held in Chattanooga this year. Bruce Hopson had planned to host the reunion, but died in October. His fellow veterans decided to keep the date and location and to add a memorial in his honor at the National Cemetery where he is buried.



090725_LOnstott_VeteranMemorial.12(A Choctaw sings songs in Choctaw with his wife in remembrance of Mr. Hopson)

090725_LOnstott_VeteranMemorial.16Mr. Hopson’s mother, center, salutes his tombstone along with veterans and family members.

090725_LOnstott_VeteranMemorial.4His grandson, wife, daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law stand before his grave.






2 thoughts on “Veteran Memorial

  1. I was with the 321st Trans Co from Jan 1971 tru Dec 1971 as a Supply Sgt. This was my second tour of duty in nam. My 1st was with the 1st Infantry Div 1/26th infantry reg. 1967 -68. I was wondering if there are any member from 1971.

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