Semester Project

This semester in documentary photojournalism, our class, in collaboration with a social work students, worked throughout the semester to create a project that told 17 different Athenians who live in public housing’s stories. The goal of our project was to tell our “subject’s” story, through his or her own words. With 28% of Athens’ population living below the poverty line, this portion of the population is often talked about in the media, but they are not often heard. Through doing this we strove to break down some of the stereotypes that surround public housing and to give each of our subjects a chance to tell their own story–a story that deserves to be told.

The project was stressful but definitely worth the time and effort. Will Hill is who I worked with in creating this video. It was my first solo attempt at video, so it’s far from perfect. But it was fun not only shooting the project, but getting to know Will, who is a truly amazing person. He chose to stay in Rocksprings Community, where he was born and raised, in order to take care of his mother, aunt, and other elders in the community. He is constantly running errands for them or anyone else in the community that needs some help. While doing all of this, he is also trying to find time to help the youth in the community. With fond memories of his own childhood, he strives to bring back that some feeling of love that he believes made him who he is today. Check out all of our stories, presented in video and audio slideshows on Below is a shot of Will during one of my video interviews.



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