Keith Carver

Fabulous Frannie and I started a weekly photoblog for the Red&Black that we are also turning into our own site, Faces of Athens, which will be up later this week. For now though you can view our first subject, Keith Carver, on the paper’s site or here–this version is more complete (the paper’s ads cut into the landscapes). The blog will highlight different Athens area residents who make Athens what it is. Everyone has a story to tell, and we’re going to share them.

Carver began volunteering at the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia when he noticed that their lawn needed tending. Since that day in 2004, he has become a valuable asset to the Food Bank. Last year he volunteered more than 800 hours on top of working in the office part-time. The first Athenian of our series is a humble, reserved man who does his part in giving back to the community, something he finds to be almost a necessity after years of living off of and taking from the land and community. 

A couple frames to entice:









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